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Umind is a platform for child and youth mental health professionals to share resources, advice, tips and techniques. Health professionals, educators, and student learners will also find that Umind brings them greater insight, tools and techniques to help support children, youth and families facing mental health challenges.

Join Umind’s growing national community of child and youth mental health professionals. Being a member of the Umind online community offers multiple benefits:


Dynamic Community

Join a dynamic community of child and youth mental health professionals dedicated to learning, sharing and growing in their profession.

Best Practices

Access Umind’s Professional Resource Library packed with hundreds of best practice resources generously contributed by treatment and resource centres across Canada.


Collaborate and network with Umind members across Canada, the U.S. and around the globe.


Develop professionally through Umind webinars and other learning opportunities.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Umind. Umind’s resources are available exclusively to those serving the child and youth mental health profession as practitioners, professionals, and academics. By submitting the application below, you are declaring that you are a child and youth mental health professional or hold a position within the child and youth mental health profession. Upon submission, your application is automatically authorized; however, will be subjected to a screening procedure to ensure adherence to these qualifications.

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