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Our Story


It was during a presentation by KHLF founder Basile Papaevangelou that he shared his family’s personal story of how, as a teen, his daughter Christina became critically ill due to a blood infection. Thankfully, she fully recovered. He also described how, during this time, the family recognized the importance of connections - between patients, patients and their friends and families, between professionals in the medical profession, and connections between child and youth mental health professionals.

Attending this presentation was Lutherwood Director Kathy Payette, who approached Basile with the suggestion of a knowledge exchange initiative for child and youth mental health professionals.

From this chance encounter, Kids' Health Links Foundation (KHLF) and Lutherwood Institute for Children and Youth Mental Health partnered to develop Umind - Canada's premiere online resource for mental health professionals to access information and share practical tools, knowledge, and training and to help improve the lives of children and youth and their families living with mental health issues.